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In this paper, we present our approach towards dependency parsing of Hindi language as a part of Hindi Shared Task on Parsing, COLING 2012. Our approach includes the effect of using different settings available in Malt Parser following the two-step parsing strategy i.e. splitting the data into interChunks and intraChunks to obtain the best possible LAS 1 ,(More)
In this paper, we present our efforts towards incorporating external knowledge from Hindi WordNet to aid dependency parsing. We conduct parsing experiments on Hindi, an Indo-Aryan language, utilizing the information from concept ontolo-gies available in Hindi WordNet to complement the morpho-syntactic information already available. The work is driven by the(More)
This paper describes our submission for FIRE 2014 Shared Task on Transliterated Search. The shared task features two sub-tasks: Query word labeling and Mixed-script Ad hoc retrieval for Hindi Song Lyrics. Query Word Labeling is on token level language identification of query words in code-mixed queries and back-transliteration of identified Indian language(More)
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