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Partial Purification and Characterization of a Ca2+-Dependent Proteinase fromArabidopsisRoots
Abstract Ca2+, an important intracellular messenger in plants, is implicated in controlling diverse cellular functions by regulating the activity of several enzymes. Here we report the presence of aExpand
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Fluoride-induced changes in carbohydrate metabolism in the tissues of fresh water crab Barytelphusa querini.
Exposure of fresh water crab Barytelphusa querini to a sublethal concentration of NaF (30 ppm) caused significant alterations in the carbohydrate metabolism. In an exposure span of 15 days the crabExpand
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Structures of the hydrogen (+)-tartrates of sodium, thallium(I) and silver(I)
The crystal structures of the sodium, thallium(I) and Silver(I) salts of hydrogen (+)tartrate, Na (HCHO), (1), Tl (HCHO), (2) and Ag·(HCHO). HO, (3) have been determined by X-ray diffraction andExpand
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Auxin-regulated changes in protein phosphorylation in pea epicotyl segments
Auxin-regulated changes in protein phosphorylation were studied by labeling pea epicotyl segments with (/sup 32/P) PO/sub 4//sup 3 -/ and analyzing the phosphoproteins by two dimensional (2-D) gelExpand
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Regeneration in Spirostomum ambiguum: effects of some metabolic inhibitors
Inhibitors of RNA and protein syntheses like ethidium bromide and chloramphenicol caused profound delay in the regeneration of Spirostomum ambiguum, while potent mitotic poisons such as colchicineExpand