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Live cell plasma membranes do not exhibit a miscibility phase transition over a wide range of temperatures.
Lipid/cholesterol mixtures derived from cell membranes as well as their synthetic reconstitutions exhibit well-defined miscibility phase transitions and critical phenomena near physiologicalExpand
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Diffusion of GPI-anchored proteins is influenced by the activity of dynamic cortical actin
Membrane proteins that couple to cortical actin show temperature-independent diffusion. The loss of this coupling and perturbation of cortical actomyosin dynamics render the diffusion temperatureExpand
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Atomistic simulations of a multicomponent asymmetric lipid bilayer.
The cell membrane is inherently asymmetric and heterogeneous in its composition, a feature that is crucial for its function. Using atomistic molecular dynamics simulations, the physical properties ofExpand
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Bilayer registry in a multicomponent asymmetric membrane: dependence on lipid composition and chain length.
A question of considerable interest to cell membrane biology is whether phase segregated domains across an asymmetric bilayer are strongly correlated with each other and whether phase segregation inExpand
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Phase Segregation of Passive Advective Particles in an Active Medium.
Localized contractile configurations or asters spontaneously appear and disappear as emergent structures in the collective stochastic dynamics of active polar actomyosin filaments. Passive particlesExpand
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Partitioning of ethanol in multi-component membranes: effects on membrane structure.
The molecular mechanism of ethanol and its effects on neurological function is far from clear. In this study, we investigate the effects of ethanol on various structural and dynamical properties ofExpand
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Coarse-Grained Simulation of Full-Length Integrin Activation.
Integrin conformational dynamics are critical to their receptor and signaling functions in many cellular processes, including spreading, adhesion, and migration. However, assessing integrinExpand
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Bending elasticity of macromolecules: analytic predictions from the wormlike chain model.
We present a study of the bend angle distribution of semiflexible polymers of short and intermediate lengths within the wormlike chain model. This enables us to calculate the elastic response of aExpand
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Active Patterning of Cell Surface Molecules from Nanoscale Clusters to Mesoscale Membrane Mosaics Dictated by Dynamic Actin
The spatial distribution and remodeling dynamics of nanoscale clusters of outer-leaflet GPI-anchor proteins (GPI-APs), glycolipids and inner-leaflet Ras proteins are regulated by the activity of theExpand
Partitioning of 1-alkanols in composite raft-like lipid membrane
Though 1-alkanols are well known to have anesthetic properties, the mode of operation remains enigmatic. We perform extensive atomistic molecular dynamics simulation to study the partitioning of 1-Expand