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ISAAC: A Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator with In-Situ Analog Arithmetic in Crossbars
A number of recent efforts have attempted to design accelerators for popular machine learning algorithms, such as those involving convolutional and deep neural networks (CNNs). Expand
GenCache: Leveraging In-Cache Operators for Efficient Sequence Alignment
In this work, we improve upon the GenAx design by increasing its parallelism and reducing its memory bandwidth demands. Expand
Newton: Gravitating Towards the Physical Limits of Crossbar Acceleration
We target resource provisioning and efficiency in a crossbar-based deep network accelerator. Expand
Towards the hierarchical design of multilayer QCA logic circuit
This work targets the development of multi-layered architecture in the QCA framework with the goal to build an efficient methodology for QCA based digital logic design. Expand
Multilayer design of QCA multiplexer
This work targets the design of a multiplexer in multilayer QCA (Quantum-dot Cellular Automata) framework that satisfies the requirement of high device density as well as computing power. Expand
ONT-X: An FPGA Approach to Real-time Portable Genomic Analysis
Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) MinION is a pocket-sized portable DNA sequencer for on-the-field DNA sequencing. The ONT data analysis pipeline requires substantial amounts of computationalExpand
Computer Vision-based Social Distancing Surveillance Solution with Optional Automated Camera Calibration for Large Scale Deployment
This paper describes a computer vision-based AI-assisted solution to aid compliance with social distancing norms in COVID-19 pandemic. Expand