Anirban Mukhopadhyay

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MOTIVATION Recent advancements in microarray technology allows simultaneous monitoring of the expression levels of a large number of genes over different time points. Clustering is an important tool for analyzing such microarray data, typical properties of which are its inherent uncertainty, noise and imprecision. In this article, a two-stage clustering(More)
An important approach for unsupervised landcover classification in remote sensing images is the clustering of pixels in the spectral domain into several fuzzy partitions. In this paper, a multiobjective optimization algorithm is utilized to tackle the problem of fuzzy partitioning where a number of fuzzy cluster validity indexes are simultaneously(More)
The landscape of biological and biomedical research is being changed rapidly with the invention of microarrays which enables simultaneous view on the transcription levels of a huge number of genes across different experimental conditions or time points. Using microarray data sets, clustering algorithms have been actively utilized in order to identify groups(More)
Identification of potential viral-host protein interactions is a vital and useful approach towards development of new drugs targeting those interactions. In recent days, computational tools are being utilized for predicting viral-host interactions. Recently a database containing records of experimentally validated interactions between a set of HIV-1(More)
Protein complexes play an important role in cellular mechanism. Identification of protein complexes in protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks is the first step in understanding the organization and dynamics of cell function. Several high-throughput experimental techniques produce a large amount of protein interactions, which can be used to predict(More)
This article presents a multiobjective fuzzy Genetic clustering technique employing real coded encoding of cluster centers. Recent research has shown that clustering techniques that optimize a single objective may not provide satisfactory result because no single validity measure works well on different kinds of data sets. This fact has motivated us to(More)
Recently, the problem of clustering categorical data, where no natural ordering among the elements of a categorical attribute domain can be found, has been gaining significant attention from researchers. With the growing demand for categorical data clustering, a few clustering algorithms with focus on categorical data have recently been developed. However,(More)
With the advancement of microarray technology, it is now possible to study the expression profiles of thousands of genes across different experimental conditions or tissue samples simultaneously. Microarray cancer datasets, organized as samples versus genes fashion, are being used for classification of tissue samples into benign and malignant or their(More)