Anirban Majumder

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Modern communication networks are vulnerable to attackers who send unsolicited messages to innocent users, wasting network resources and user time. Some examples of such attacks are spam emails, annoying tele-marketing phone calls, viral marketing in social networks, etc. Existing techniques to identify these attacks are tailored to certain specific domains(More)
Viral Marketing, the idea of exploiting social interactions of users to propagate awareness for products, has gained considerable focus in recent years. One of the key issues in this area is to select the best seeds that maximize the influence propagated in the social network. In this paper, we define the seed selection problem (called t-Influence(More)
We present the CR-precis structure, that is a general-purpose, deterministic and sub-linear data structure for summarizing update data streams. The CR-precis structure yields the first deterministic sub-linear space/time algorithms for update streams for answering a variety of fundamental stream queries, such as, (a) point queries, (b) range queries, (c)(More)
A <i>k</i>-set structure over data streams is a bounded-space data structure that supports stream insertion and deletion operations and returns the set of (item, frequency) pairs in the stream, provided, the number of distinct items in the stream does not exceed <i>k</i>; and returns <sc>nil</sc> otherwise. This is a fundamental problem with applications in(More)
Online service platforms (OSPs), such as search engines, news-websites, ad-providers, etc., serve highly personalized content to the user, based on the <i>profile</i> extracted from her history with the OSP. In this paper, we capture OSP's personalization for an user in a new data structure called the <i>personalization vector</i> (?), which is a weighted(More)
In this paper, we develop a framework for achieving scalable and communication-efficient dissemination of content in pub/sub systems. To maximize communication sharing across subscriptions, our routing framework groups subscriptions based on similarity, and transmits content matching one or more subscriptions in a group over a single dissemination tree for(More)
We present mango, a low-cost and highly scalable content-delivery service for mobile phones. The service is targeted at emerging countries such as India where users are highly price sensitive, and there is considerable demand for rich media content. mango is designed as a content "synch-up" service. Users install an app on the phone, and through a simple(More)
INTRODUCTION Simultaneous occurrence of Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT), and Graves' disease (GD) is rare. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES We report a case of simultaneous occurrence of GD and HD, at presentation. CASE REPORT A 60-year-old lady presented with tremulousness of hands, palpitation, and excessive sweating. She had a history of weight loss and(More)