Anirban I. Ghosh

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The antigen presentation to lymphocytes in brain occurs in two steps. Initially it happens at perivascular spaces by perivascular microglia/macrophage population and finally at the site of inflammation deep into brain parenchyma by the resident microglia. But recent evidence challanges the existing notion of involvement of distinct and different cells at(More)
The first special issue on microglia was published in 1993 in Glia and others followed in regular, roughly ten-year intervals. Clearly, the importance of microglia has been recognized since the 1980s while the journal Glia has (appropriately) taken the lead in regularly reviewing microglial biology. Also there have been others. The current issue is the(More)
We report the case of a 15-year-old girl who was initially diagnosed to have a striatal toe. Her condition progressed and she later developed clinical features consistent with tetanus. History of blunt trauma to nose was elicited retrospectively. Antimicrobial therapy with metronidazole and both active and passive immunization was started immediately. The(More)
The monocytic lineage cells in brain, generally speaking brain macrophage and/or microglia show some dissimilar distribution patterns and disagreement regarding their origin and onset in brain. Here, we investigated its onset and distribution/colonization pattern in normal brain with development. Primarily, early and late embryonic stages, neonate and adult(More)
BACKGROUND This study was undertaken to find out if metabolic syndrome (MetS) in the elderly was associated with cognitive decline and also if this association was modified by the presence of inflammation. MATERIALS AND METHODS 100 patients more than 60 years of age were divided into 2 groups of 50 each and were age and sex matched. Group 1 and 2 had(More)
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