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Squalene synthase (SS) represents a putative branch point in the isoprenoid biosynthetic pathway capable of diverting carbon flow specifically to the biosynthesis of sterols and, hence, is considered a potential regulatory point for sterol metabolism. For example, when plant cells grown in suspension culture are challenged with fungal elicitors, suppression(More)
(I) We exhibit a set of 23 points in the plane that has dilation at least 1.4308, improving the previous best lower bound of 1.4161 for the worst-case dilation of plane spanners. (II) For every n ≥ 13, there exists an n-element point set S such that the degree 3 dilation of S equals 1 + √ 3 = 2.7321. .. in the domain of plane geometric spanners. In the same(More)
In recent years most of the cloud computing community adopt an infrastructure centric approach to optimize the cost of cloud resources considering both Cloud Computing Service Users(CCSU) and Cloud Computing Service Providers(CCSP). In this paper we have brought up the concept of Application-centric Cloud. With Application-centric Cloud we propose an(More)
A grid is described as a distributed network which comprises of heterogeneous and non-dedicated elements. The heterogeneity of a grid is not only defined in terms of computing elements and operating systems but also in terms of implementation of policies, policy decisions and the environment. In this paper we have described in detail the architecture of the(More)
Let δ 0 (P, k) denote the degree k dilation of a point set P in the domain of plane geometric spanners. If Λ is the infinite square lattice, it is shown that 1+ √ 2 ≤ δ 0 (Λ, 3) ≤ (3+2 √ 2) 5 −1/2 = 2.6065. .. and δ 0 (Λ, 4) = √ 2. If Λ is the infinite hexagonal lattice, it is shown that δ 0 (Λ, 3) = 1 + √ 3 and δ 0 (Λ, 4) = 2. All our constructions are(More)
The long perceived notion that G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) function in monomeric form has recently been changed by the description of a number of GPCRs that are found in oligomeric states. The mechanism of GPCR oligomerization, and its effect on receptor function, is not well understood. In the present study, coarse grained molecular dynamics (CGMD)(More)
Life science industry is looking towards new and cost-effective ways to manage and analyze huge amount of genomic data for faster innovation in drug or biologics discovery. To that effect, various alliances among competitive organizations are getting formed, such as the Pistoia Alliance, to collaborate and share a pool of genomic data and build useful(More)
In their recent study, Abe et al. [1] discuss the cellular elongation or filamentation phenomenon observed in a fraction of an Escherichia coli K12 (strain BW25113) population exposed to a sublethal high hydrostatic pressure (HP) shock (75 MPa, 30 min, 37 °C). More specifically, they attribute this filamentation to direct HP effects on FtsZ polymerization(More)