Anirban Ganguly

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In the present article, we demonstrate the delivery of anti-cancer drug to the cancer cells using biosynthesized gold and silver nanoparticles (b-AuNP & b-AgNP). The nanoparticles synthesized by using Butea monosperma (BM) leaf extract are thoroughly characterized by various analytical techniques. Both b-AuNP and b-AgNP are stable in biological buffers and(More)
Knowledge Management (KM) is critical in ensuring process efficiency, outcome effectiveness and improved organizational memory for the modern day business enterprises. Knowledge Sharing (KS) is fast becoming a rapidly growing area of interest in the domain of knowledge management. The purpose of this paper is to enlist a set of generalized metrics that can(More)
We report a new family of bis-arylidene oxindole derivatives that show highly selective estrogen receptor (ER)-mediated anticancer activity at low-nanomolar concentrations in ER-positive (ER+) breast cancer cells. In terms of cell growth inhibition, IC50 values for these compounds in ER+ breast cancer cells are two to three orders of magnitude lower than in(More)
Sulfonated styrene-(ethylene-butylene)-styrene triblock copolymer (SSEBS) was synthesized by reaction of acetyl sulfate with SEBS. SSESB-clay nanocomposites were then prepared from hydrophilic Na-montmorillonite (MT) and organically (quaternary amine) modified hydrophobic nanoclay (OMT) at very low loading. SEBS did not show improvement in properties with(More)
Chaperone protein Hsp90 maintains functional integrity and maturation of a large number of cellular proteins including transcription factors, kinases, etc. It is often over-expressed in cancer cells for simultaneous maintenance of many non-regulated and/or genetically mutated proteins. Small molecule-based regimens inhibiting over-expressing Hsp90 in cancer(More)
Influenza A virus encodes for eleven proteins, of which HA, NA, NS1 and PB1-F2 have been implicated in viral pathogenicity and virulence. Thus, in addition to the HA and NA gene segments, monitoring diversity of NS1 and PB1-F2 is also important. 55 out of 166 circulating influenza A strains (31 H1N1 and 24 H3N2) were randomly picked during 2007-2009 and NS(More)
Molecules offering simultaneous detection and killing of cancer cells are advantageous. Hybrid of cancer cell-selective, ROS generator betulinic acid and bis-arylidene oxindole with amino propyl-linker is developed. With intrinsic fluorescence, the molecule exhibited cancer cell-specific residence. Further, it generated ROS, triggered apoptosis, and(More)
Hydrocortisone, the endogenously expressed steroidal, hormonal ligand for glucocorticoid receptor (GR), is body's natural anti-inflammatory and xenobiotic metabolizing agent. It has both palliative as well as adverse effects in different cancer patients. Herein, we show that conjugation product of C16-carbon chain-associated cationic lipid and(More)