Anirban Bhandari

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Fully spin delocalized mixed valence copper-sulfur clusters, 1 and 2, supported by μ4-sulfido and NSthiol donor ligands are synthesized and characterized. Wheel shaped 1 consists of Cu2S2 units. The unprecedented nanoball 2 can be described as S@Cu4(tetrahedron)@O6(octahedron)@Cu12S12(cage) consisting of both Cu2S2 and (μ4-S)Cu4 units. The Cu2S2 and(More)
In order to gain insight into the coordination site and oxidative activity of the CuM site of hydroxylases such as peptidylglycine α-hydroxylating monooxygenase (PHM), dopamine β-monooxygenase (DβM), and tyramine β-monooxygenase (TβM), we have synthesized, characterized and studied the oxidation chemistry of copper complexes chelated by tridentate(More)
To understand the electron transfer mechanisms (outer versus inner sphere) of catalytic superoxide dismutation via a Cu(ii/i) redox couple such as occur in the enzyme copper-zinc superoxide dismutase, the Cu(ii/i) complexes [(L1)2Cu](ClO4)2·CH3CN, (1·CH3CN) and [(L1)2Cu](ClO4), (2) supported by a bis-N2Sthioether ligand,(More)
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