Anine B Dahlberg

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The HMGIC gene codes for an architectural transcription factor frequently rearranged by translocation in lipomas and other benign mesenchymal tumors. In sarcomas, malignant tumors of mesenchymal origin, the gene is also found to be rearranged, but in addition amplified and overexpressed. Here we report the sequence, chromosomal localization, and expression(More)
Gains of 1q21-q23 have been associated with metastasis and chemotherapy response, particularly in bladder cancer, hepatocellular carcinomas and sarcomas. By positional cloning of amplified genes by yeast artificial chromosome-mediated cDNA capture using magnetic beads, we have identified three candidate genes (COAS1, -2 and -3) in the amplified region in(More)
Well-differentiated liposarcomas (WDLPS), especially those located in the retroperitoneum, may occasionally undergo dedifferentiation. Although this process is associated with a more aggressive clinical course, dedifferentiated liposarcomas rarely produces metastases. The case reported here is rather uncommon: A retroperitoneal WDLPS gave lung metastases(More)
Alloimmunization is a common phenomenon after transfusion, with an estimated incidence of 0.5% increasing to 20-60% in chronically transfused patients. In recently transfused patients, serological typing can be hampered by mixed field agglutination. We established RT-PCR methods for RHD, RHC/c and RHE/e typing using mRNA from reticulocytes. Molecular typing(More)
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