Anindya Jyoti Pal

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Audio Steganography is a method that ensures secured data transfer between parties normally in internet community. In this paper, we present a novel, principled approach to resolve the remained problems of substitution technique of Audio Steganography. We use most powerful encryption algorithm (RSA) to encrypt message in the first level of security, which(More)
Grid scheduling is one of the prime challenges in grid computing. Reliability, efficiency (with regard to time utilization), effectiveness in resource usage, as well as robustness tend to be the demanded features of Grid scheduling systems. A number of algorithms have been designed and developed in order to make effective Grid scheduling. Project management(More)
Graph coloring problem is NP-complete. It is polynomially reducible to classical and practical university timetabling problem. College course timetabling problem (CCTP) is a parallel instance of University course timetabling problem (UCTP). Obviously, heuristic and approximate algorithms are only ammunitions for solution of search problems. Soft computing(More)
The population based approach of GA allows large jumps in the search space. However GAs has not proved successful for graph coloring because of the large degree of symmetry of the solution space. In fact, because of this symmetry mismatch it is very unlikely to produce a fit offspring when combining two good solutions. Thus GAs are often considered on(More)
The demand of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to monitor natural disasters extends its use to multiple civil missions. While the use of remotely control UAV reduces the human casualties' rates in hazardous environments, it is reported that most of UAV accidents are caused by human factor errors. In order to automate UAVs, several approaches to path planning(More)
A FUZZY LOGIC APPROACH TO ENCRYPTED WATERMARKING FOR STILL IMAGES IN WAVELET DOMAIN ON FPGA 1 Pankaj U.Lande, Sanjay N. Talbar, G.N. Shinde Comparative Analysis of Arabic Vowels using Formants and an Automatic Speech Recognition System 11 Yousef Ajami Alotaibi, Amir Hussain Fast Wavelet Transform Algorithms With Low Memory Requirements 23 Maya Babuji,(More)
A number of researchers have proposed using digital marks to provide ownership (watermarking) identification for the property. One way of data hiding is digital signature, copyright label or digital watermark that completely characterizes the person who applies it and, therefore, marks it as being his property. Digital Watermarking is the process that(More)
A grid is an infrastructure for resource sharing. At present, many scientific applications require high computing power in processing, which can only be achieved by using the computational grid. For the selection and allocation of grid resources to current and future applications, grid job scheduling is playing a very vital role for computational grids.(More)
Proper coloring of the vertices of a graph with minimum number of colors has always been of great interest of researchers in the field of soft computing. Genetic Algorithm (GA) and its application as the solution method to the Graph Coloring problem have been appreciated and worked upon by the scientists almost for the last two decades. Various genetic(More)