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We have previously demonstrated that resveratrol (Resv)-induced cellular apoptosis occurs after formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) but the role of GSH has not been well defined. Our experimental data enumerated that Resv treatment (50 μm) induced apoptosis in human leukemic monocyte lymphoma cells, which was preceded by cellular GSH efflux. High(More)
We show that when the antisymmetric Kalb-Ramond field is included in the Randall-Sundrum scenario, although the hierarchy problem can be solved, it requires an extreme fine tuning of the Kalb-Ramond field (about 1 part in 10 62). We interpret this as the return of the problem in disguise. Further, we show that the Kalb-Ramond field induces a small negative(More)
This paper 1 gives a brief description on the methods adopted for the task of author-profiling as part of the competition PAN 2016 [1]. Author profiling is the task of predicting the author's age and gender from his/her writing. In this paper, we follow a two-level ensemble approach to tackle the cross-genre author profiling task where training documents(More)
Driven by the need to improve efficiency, modern buildings are instrumented with numerous sensors to monitor utilization and regulate environmental conditions. While these sensor systems serve as valuable tools for managing the comfort and health of occupants, there is an increasing need to expand the deployment of sensors to provide additional insights.(More)
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