Anindya Bose

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of childhood morbidity and mortality in India. Although the true burden of measles is difficult to quantify, only a small proportion of cases seek treatment in the formal health sector, infection with measles virus is ubiquitous throughout the country. A recent review of Indian published literature shows the median case fatality ratio (CFR) of measles to be(More)
Objective: The present study deals with evaluation of hepatoprotective effect against paracetamol induced hepatitis in rats and in-vitro antioxidant activity of aerial parts of ethanolic extract (70%) of Phyllanthus reticulates. Methods: Alteration in the levels of biochemical markers of hepatic damage like AST, ALT, ALP and total Bilirubin were tested in(More)
Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder affecting carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism that affects nearly 10% of the population every year. The treatment of diabetes mellitus has been confined to use of oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin, the former being reported to possess serious side effects. This leads to increasing demand for herbal products(More)
Oral administration of the ethanolic extract (200 and 400 mg/kg, p.o) and its fractions (200 mg/kg each) of the aerial parts of Cleome rutidosperma produced significant analgesic activity in acetic acid-induced writhing and tail immersion tests, anti-inflammatory effect against carrageenin induced inflammation and adjuvant induced polyarthritis and(More)
BACKGROUND According to WHO estimates, 35% of global measles deaths in 2011 occurred in India. In 2013, India committed to a goal of measles elimination by 2020. Laboratory supported case based measles surveillance is an essential component of measles elimination strategies. Results from a case-based measles surveillance system in Pune district (November(More)
The plant Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb. (Crassulaceae ) is a shrub mainly found in the tropical parts of Bengal and in southern Africa and American continents. It is locally known as ìPatharkuchiì and for long has been used in Ayurvedic medicine. As per traditional use, the leaves and leaf juice are used as antiviral, antipyretic, antimicrobial,(More)
Prolonged timelines and large expenses associated with clinical trials have prompted a new focus on improving the operational efficiency of clinical trials by use of Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) in order to improve managerial control in trial conduct. However, current CTMS systems are not able to meet the expectations due to various shortcomings(More)
The stems of Tinospora tomentosa Miers. are used in Indian system of medicine. The present study deals with the preliminary qualitative phytochemical investigation and acute toxicity study on various extracts of the plant. The acute toxicity was studied in mice and rats in terms of 24 h LD50 of the methanol and aqueous extracts. These extracts were found to(More)
Ethanol extract of the of rhizome of Nymphaea alba, at graded doses was investigated for anti-diarrhoeal activity in term of reduction in the rate of defecation in castor oil induced diarrhoea and anti-inflammatory activity in term of reduction in inflammation of rat paw. To understand the mechanism of its anti-diarrhoeal activity, its effect was further(More)