Anindo Majumdar

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Acute respiratory infections (ARIs) are the leading cause of death among children less than 5 years in India. Emergence of newer pathogenic organisms, reemergence of disease previously controlled, wide spread antibiotic resistance, and suboptimal immunization coverage even after many innovative efforts are major factors responsible for high incidence of(More)
—The electrical characteristics of a heterojunction tun-neling field-effect transistor (HETT), with a p-type Si 0.75 Ge 0.25 source, have been measured as a function of strain. HETTs with channel transport and applied strain both in the [110] direction show a smooth monotonic change in drain current over a range of 0.09% compressive to 0.13% tensile strain.(More)
INTRODUCTION The incidence of Acute respiratory infections (ARI) is high among under-five children, especially in developing countries. However, the data on ARI from rural and urban areas in India are scarce. OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of ARI and selected associated factors among under-five children. MATERIALS AND METHODS A community-based(More)
In the recent years, outbreaks of blood-borne infections have been reported from assisted living facilities, which were traced back to improper blood glucose monitoring practices. Needle-stick injuries have been implicated in many such cases. This directly raises concerns over sharp disposal practices of diabetic patients self-managing their condition in(More)
Introduction. WHO recognizes low back pain as one of the most important ergonomic stressors. Therefore, the present study was designed to find out the magnitude of the problem among jute mill workers in India and identify possible associations. Methodology. This cross-sectional workplace based study was conducted among eight (8) selected jute mills of(More)
BACKGROUND India is currently suffering from an epidemic of noncommunicable diseases; it is thus imperative to screen for cardiovascular risk factors in people visiting Primary Health Centers (PHCs). The objective of the study was to measure the amount of undiagnosed hypertension and selected cardiovascular risk factors present among the adult population(More)
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