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— For efficient spectrum utilization in cognitive radio networks it requires appropriate allocation of idle frequency spectrum among coexisting cognitive radios while maximizing total bandwidth utilization and minimizing interference. The fixed spectrum allocation scheme leads to low spectrum utilization across the whole spectrum. This paper is an attempt(More)
The wireless communications channel is commonly modelled as imposing a Rayleigh distributed envelope onto any incumbent signals. Antenna arrays have long been recog-nised as enabling exploitation of signal spatial diversity in such an environment based upon the assumption of uncor-related signals at the different antennas. However, it is precisely the(More)
i Declaration The contents of this thesis are the results of original research and have not been submitted for a higher degree to any other university or institution. A part of the work in this thesis has been published iii Acknowledgments The work in this thesis is a culmination of my efforts strongly backed by the support of a lot of people to whom I am(More)
The needs of individuals with upper limb amputation and congenital limb difference are not being fully met by current prostheses, as evidenced by prosthesis rejection, non-wear, and user reports of pain and challenging activities. Emerging technologies such as dexterous sensorized robotic limbs, osseointegrated prostheses, implantable EMG electrodes, and(More)
Bombay blood group is a rare blood group in which there is the absence of H antigen and presence of anti-H antibodies. At the time of blood grouping, this blood group mimics O blood group due to the absence of H antigen, but it shows incompatibility with O group blood during cross matching. Serum grouping or reverse grouping are essential for confirmation(More)
This work presents relay selection and beamwidth adaptation algorithms for millimeter-wave communication network by selecting best relay. Due to the high path loss, the mm-Wave links suffer from shadowling. Thus improving link availability is a challenge for the system designer. In this work, the link availability is further improved by optimal power(More)
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