Anindita Kundu

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The hierarchical macro/femto cell based BWA networks are observed to be quite promising for mobile operators as it improves their network coverage and capacity at the outskirt of the macro cell. However, this new technology introduces increased number of macro/femto handoff and wastage of electrical energy which in turn may affect the system performance.(More)
Voice over IP is expected to be very promising application in the next generation communication networks. The objective of this paper is to analyse the VoIP performance among the most competing next generation wireless networks like WiMAX, WLAN and its integrated frameworks etc. WiMAX having higher bandwidth provides higher capacity but with degraded(More)
CONTEXT Potentilla fulgens Wall. ex Hook (Rosaceae) is a potent medicinal plant of the Western Himalayas, where its roots are traditionally used by the local people of Uttaranchal (India) to treat wounds and tiger bites. OBJECTIVE The present study scientifically evaluates the wound healing activity of P. fulgens ethanol root extract (EPF) and its ethyl(More)
Recent research proposes co-channel Femto Base Stations (coFBSs) as probable solution to dead-zone problem. However, random coFBS deployment causes unwanted interference, and degrades Quality of Service (QoS) of users. Hence, coFBS placement needs rigorous planning. In this work, the coFBS Placement Problem (FBSPP) is proved to be NP-hard. To solve FBSPP,(More)
With the growing demand for wireless Internet services and advancement in broadband wireless technologies, seamless hand-off has become a crucial factor in quality of service aware networks. The hierarchical WiMAX network model gives low hand-off latency but requires centralized control approach which introduces system overhead and increased packet(More)
With various wireless technologies coming up, performance of the wireless networks has become a concern. Mobile WiMAX is expected to be the wireless technology of the next generation as it supports vehicular mobility with broad coverage area. Among various other parameters which affect network performance, the terrain feature on which the network is(More)
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