Anindhita Dewabharata

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The development of health tourism nowadays has significantly increased. Medical tourism resources are not just about medical providers, but also related to accommodations, attractions or tourism activities, transportation, and restaurants that are available at the location of the medical provider. Therefore, customers need a methodology to help them(More)
Medical tourism has been growing rapidly in recent years. This trend causing the information about medical tourism destination will increase significantly. The information of medial tourism has been found online started from the demographic spread of the potential medical tourists and destination. However, the growth of information available on the web(More)
The electricity consumption is highly related to the consumption's pattern. Thus, analyzing the electricity consumption's pattern becomes an important issue in order to reduce the total electricity consumption. This paper aims to analyze the electricity consumption in Taipei Bus Station located in Taipei City, Taiwan. This building is one of the busiest bus(More)
Health promotion related products and services have grown rapidly in recent years, many devices and services were developed for this endeavor. Consequently, there is a need to represent fragmented functions into a general description and comparable shape in order to provide context-based matching and ranking, which is a substance of the whole services. A(More)
The next generation of health promotion services should consider to retrieve the context data from the wireless sensor network that around user's current environment. The aim of this study was to apply the environmental sensorial data as input and to predict user requirement in the context through analyze the collected data. To do so, the study followed the(More)
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