Anina M. Pescatore

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Impaired hand motor function resulting from neurological, psychiatric or orthopaedic disorders affects patients of all ages. Existing hand function assessment methods, e.g. rating scales, accelerometers and electromyographical devices, are often time-consuming to administer, subjective in interpretation and/or expensive. Graphonomic tests are gaining(More)
To enable convincing first-person interactions involving object manipulation, virtual reality systems need to represent the user's body in the virtual environment. Virtual body parts, particularly the arms and hands, must appear in the correct perceived spatial positions in a first-person view so that users can " take ownership " of them. One current method(More)
BACKGROUND Estimates of prevalence of wheeze depend on questionnaires. However, wording of questions may vary between studies. We investigated effects of alternative wording on estimates of prevalence and severity of wheeze, and associations with risk factors. METHODS White and South Asian children from a population-based cohort (UK) were randomly(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies found larger lung volumes at school-age in formerly breastfed children, with some studies suggesting an effect modification by maternal asthma. We wanted to explore this further in children who had undergone extensive lung function testing. The current study aimed to assess whether breastfeeding was associated with larger lung(More)
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