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BACKGROUND Circulating tumor cells (CTC) and disseminated tumor cells (DTC) are thought to be responsible for metastasis, so the detection of CTC may serve as individual prognostic factor in patients suffering from colorectal cancer. Therefore, a series of immunomagnetic enrichment methods for CTC have been developed using a variety of monoclonal antibodies(More)
Backward, simultaneous, and forward masking were investigated in 7 normal-hearing adults using a 1-kc/s sinusoid masker of 250 msec duration and 60 db SPL. 10-msec sinusoidal signals (probes) were varied in frequency (.4, .8, .9, .95, 1.05, 1.1, 1.2, 1.6 kc/s) and temporal location, delta t, prior to (-250, -150, -40, -20, -10, -2 msec re: masker onset),(More)
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