Animesh Rathore

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The primary graft-related complication during the first clinical trial evaluating the use of tissue-engineered vascular grafts (TEVGs) was stenosis. We investigated the role of macrophages in the formation of TEVG stenosis in a murine model. We analyzed the natural history of TEVG macrophage infiltration at critical time points and evaluated the role of(More)
The application of tissue engineering technology to cardiovascular surgery holds great promise for improving outcomes in patients with cardiovascular diseases. Currently used synthetic vascular grafts have several limitations including thrombogenicity, increased risk of infection, and lack of growth potential. We have completed the first clinical trial(More)
Vascular Tissue Engineering belongs to a rapidly expanding discipline. Tissue engineered vascular grafts (TEVG) have a broad range of clinical application extending from use as small diameter vascular grafts in adult peripheral vasculature to serving as large vessel conduits in pediatric cardiovascular surgery. Several approaches have been utilized by(More)
Handlebar injuries are well described in pediatric patients and are frequently associated with internal injuries, including the "classic" duodenal hematoma and solid organ injuries. Before this report, traumatic handlebar hernias were considered rare. They occur when the end of the handlebar (often bare or lacking protective equipment) applies a significant(More)
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