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The infrared emission spectra and decay lifetimes of Tm(3+)-doped and Tm(3+)-Ho(3+), Tm(3+)-Yb(3+) co-doped tellurite fibres were measured using 808 nm and 978 nm diode laser pump sources in the range 1.35 mum to 2.2 mum. The spectra were compared with varying fibre lengths and core diameters. Tm(3+)-doped fibre shows strong emission at ~1.8 mum and when(More)
BACKGROUND The Oxfordshire Community Stroke Project (OCSP) and Trial of ORG 10172 in Acute Stroke Treatment (TOAST) classifications are widely used for the assessment of major ischaemic stroke. We explored their intra- and inter-observer reliability in the classification of outpatient minor stroke. METHODS Four physicians of differing seniority and(More)
We report the fabrication of single-mode buried channel waveguides for the whole mid-IR transparency range of chalcogenide sulphide glasses (λ ≤ 11 μm), by means of direct laser writing. We have explored the potential of this technology by fabricating a prototype three-dimensional three-beam combiner for future application in stellar interferometry that(More)
A three-core tellurite glass fiber having different combinations of rare earth oxide dopants in each core has been fabricated using shaped die-extrusion. Three cores, doped with Ho(3+)-Tm(3+)-Yb(3+), Er(3+)-Ce(3+), and Tm(3+)-Yb(3+) respectively, exhibited visible upconversion (blue, green and red) and infrared emissions at 1.4 microm, 1.5 microm, 1.9(More)
We report on fs-laser micromachining of active waveguides in a new erbium-doped phospho-tellurite glass by means of a compact cavity-dumped Yb-based writing system. The spectroscopic properties of the glass were investigated, and the fs-laser written waveguides were characterized in terms of passive as well as active performance. In particular, internal(More)
: Optimisation of femtosecond pulsed laser deposition parameters for the fabrication of silicon thin films is discussed. Substrate temperature, gas pressure and gas type are used to better understand the deposition process and optimise it for the fabrication of high-quality thin films designed for optical and optoelectronic applications.
Amplification properties have been compared in Er(3+), Er(3+)/Eu(3+) and Er(3+)/Ce(3+) doped tellurite glass fibers using a 980 nm pumping scheme. The pump efficiency has been compared in the 3 types of fibers. Er(3+) ion upconversion in bulk glasses and fibers in visible range has been measured and the Er(3+) ion IR fluorescence intensity and lifetimes(More)
Laser emission in the range of 1.88-1.99 micrim from a Tm3+ -doped tellurite fiber is demonstrated when pumped with a diode-pumped Er3+/Yb3+-doped silica fiber laser operating at 1.57-1.61 microm. This pump source excites the Tm3+ ions directly into the F43 upper laser level and yields an output power of 280 mW with a slope efficiency of 76% in a 99%-12%(More)