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: Optimisation of femtosecond pulsed laser deposition parameters for the fabrication of silicon thin films is discussed. Substrate temperature, gas pressure and gas type are used to better understand the deposition process and optimise it for the fabrication of high-quality thin films designed for optical and optoelectronic applications.
Chemical dissimilarity of tellurium oxide with silica glass increases phase separation and crystallization tendency when mixed and melted for making a glass. We report a novel technique for incorporating an Er(3+)-doped tellurite glass composition into silica substrates through a femtosecond (fs) laser generated plasma assisted process. The engineered(More)
Waveguides were femtosecond laser-written in Er:Yb-doped phospho-tellurite glass yielding internal gain across an unprecedented 100-nm bandwidth covering the whole C+L communications bands. The waveguide modes were highly confined, showing promise for improved photonic integration.
Two tellurite glass compositions in the TeO<sub>2</sub>-ZnO-NaO system were synthesised and their suitability as a fibre core/clad material pair was investigated through the analysis of their thermal and rheological properties and their refractive indices. The fibre preform was manufactured by extrusion technique which allowed us to produce a triple core(More)
Acid-induced enamel erosion leading to dentine hypersensitivity is a growing problem for both the young and ageing population worldwide. Dentinal hypersensitivity is rising for the ageing population because of additional enamel wear. Both conditions adversely affect lifestyle and potentially can harm the systemic health of the patients. Since the loss of(More)
Innovation in integrated photonics and associated fields is imperative with looming bottlenecks in the existing internet infrastructure due to rapidly increasing demand, across society and industry, for greater bandwidth and data access. A priority in this field is the development of a monolithic photonic integrated circuit (PIC), simplifying the design,(More)
We demonstrate the simultaneous growth of multiple optically functional crystalline structures through a complex implantation and diffusion process. This includes ZnTe, ZnO and as-yet undefined silica crystallites doped with Er<sup>3+</sup> or Tm<sup>3+</sup> which are each characterized optically and structurally.
Over the last 25 years has seen an unprecedented increase in the growth of phonic components based on semiconductor and solid-state lasers, glass and polymer based optical fibres, and organic LEDs. Emerging technology for component engineering must embed dissimilar materials based devices into an integrated form which is more efficient. In this article, we(More)
The wavelength range between 3 - 4 &#x03BC;m is a highly sensitive window for environmental monitoring, bio medical application and spectroscopy. Glasses though can offer high bandwidths are often difficult to maneuver in mid IR wavelengths due to its high phonon energies. Tellurite glass have low phonon energies with high transparency up to 6 - 7(More)
We have recently developed a new concept of glass and polymer superlattice structures that has superior optical and mechanical properties arising from atomic scale engineering approach. The interlayers of glass and polymer can have thickness as low as 2 nm and the structures can be grown on polymer or glass substrates by pulsed laser deposition technology.(More)