Animesh Biswas

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A Concentric 3-Layer half-split cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna (CDRA) for wideband application has been designed and developed. The effect of antenna parameters such as layer arrangement, geometrical parameters and probe length are investigated. The fabrication is performed with commercially available microwave laminates. The proposed antenna has(More)
This paper presents a single stage low-noise amplifier (LNA) using cascode topology for low-power UWB applications. Resistive feedback is used to obtain large bandwidth. The LNA achieves peak gain of 11.8 dB and noise figure varying from1.72 – 3.62 dB within the band of 3.1 – 10.6 GHz. The LNA uses supply of 2 V while consuming only 6 mW of dc power. The(More)
In this paper a fuzzy goal programming technique is presented to solve multiobjective decision making problems in a probabilistic decision making environment where the right sided parameters associated with the system constraints are exponentially distributed fuzzy random variables. In model formulation of the problem, the fuzzy chance constrained(More)
This paper presents the synthesis of direct coupled triple-stopband filters using coupling matrix approach. This design method is applicable to both symmetric and asymmetric triple stopband filter.The frequency transformation techniques has been applied for finding the locations of poles and zeros of a direct coupled triple stopband filter. By properly(More)
A novel multi-band cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna (CDRA) using microwave laminates with permittivity variation in azimuth direction fed by coaxial probe is proposed in this paper. The proposed structures are constructed using different materials having different permittivities in azimuth direction in cylindrical dielectric resonator (DR). In order(More)