Anima Majumder

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Automatic detection of facial features in an image is important stage for various facial image interpretation work, such as face recognition, facial expression recognition, 3Dface modeling and facial features tracking. Detection of facial features like eye, pupil, mouth, nose, nostrils, lip corners, eye corners etc., with different facial expression and(More)
This paper presents an appearance feature based facial expression recognition system using Kohonen Self-Organizing Map (KSOM). Appearance features are extracted using uniform Local binary patterns (LBPs) from equally sub-divided blocks applied over face image. The dimensionality of the LBP feature vector is further reduced using principal component analysis(More)
Now a day's face recognition is the most interesting and active research area in the field of phycology, neuroscience, and computer vision. In this paper a fast efficient algorithm is developed with the better recognition rate of face in different conditions that is illumination, head pose, expressions etc. In which we have extract the global and local(More)
The importance of inspection process has been magnified by the requirements of the modern manufacturing environment. A variety of approaches for automatic inspection of machine parts have been reported over last two decades. In this work it is targeted to develop an automated machine vision software system, which is used to inspect automotive parts like PE(More)
The paper presents a facial expressions recognition system using Bayesian network. We train the network using probabilistic modeling that draws relationship between facial features, action units and finally recognizes six basic emotions. We propose features extraction methods to get geometric feature vector containing angular informations and appearance(More)
In this paper, we provide details of a robotic system that can automate the task of picking and stowing objects from and to a rack in an e-commerce fulfillment warehouse. The system primarily comprises of four main modules: (1) Perception module responsible for recognizing query objects and localizing them in the 3-dimensional robot workspace; (2) Planning(More)
The presence of imbalanced data distribution is evident in most real-life datasets. The problem of learning from imbalanced data is a challenging task due to presence of underrepresented data and severe class distribution skews. In this paper we recognizes 15 different levels of shoulder pain intensities based on facial expressions using UNBC-McMaster(More)