Anilza Bonelo

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We compared the diagnostic accuracy and reproducibility of commercially available NS1-based dengue tests and explored factors influencing their sensitivities. Paired analysis of 310 samples previously characterized as positive (n = 218) and negative (n = 92) for viral isolation and/or RT-PCR and/or IgM seroconversion. Masked samples were tested by two(More)
Non-human primates represent a valuable resource for testing potential vaccines candidates and drugs for human use. Malaria remains one of the greatest burdens for the humanity represented by approximately 500 million new clinical cases per year worldwide and at least two million deaths caused annually. Additional control measures such as vaccines and new(More)
Specific CD8(-) T-lymphocyte (CTL) activity against Plasmodium pre-erythrocytic stages (P-ES) derived antigens is considered one of the most important mechanisms for malaria protection. Plasmodium vivax is the second most prevalent human malaria parasite species distributed worldwide. Although several CTL epitopes have been identified in Plasmodium(More)
Three long synthetic peptides corresponding to amino (N), repeat (R) and carboxyl (C) regions of the Plasmodium vivax circumsporozoite (CS) protein were synthesised and used to assess their potential as vaccine candidates. Antigenicity studies were carried out using human blood samples from residents of a malaria-endemic area of Colombia, and immunogenicity(More)
Substantial experimental evidence indicates that the Plasmodium circumsporozoite (CS) protein has great potential as a vaccine candidate. We tested the safety and immunogenicity of vaccines composed of P. vivax CS-derived synthetic peptides. Sixty-nine healthy, malaria-naive volunteers were randomized to receive three injections of placebo or synthetic(More)
There is insufficient evidence of the usefulness of dengue diagnostic tests under routine conditions. We sought to analyse how physicians are using dengue diagnostics to inform research and development. Subjects attending 14 health institutions in an endemic area of Colombia with either a clinical diagnosis of dengue or for whom a dengue test was ordered(More)
Duffy antigen is the receptor used by Plasmodium vivax to invade erythrocytes. Consequently, individuals lacking Duffy antigen [Fy(-)] do not develop blood-stage infections. We hypothesized that naturally exposed Fy(-) humans may develop immune responses mainly to pre-erythrocytic stages and could be used to study acquired immunity to P. vivax and to(More)
Plasmodium vivax circumsporozoite (CS) protein is a leading malaria vaccine candidate. We describe the characterization of specific immune responses induced in 21 malaria-naive volunteers vaccinated with long synthetic peptides derived from the CS protein formulated in Montanide ISA 720. Both antibody- and cell-mediated immune responses were analyzed.(More)
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