Anilton Salles Garcia

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—Context-aware applications can help information systems users on decision making. However, the development of these applications involves a level of complexity that often complicates the process of creating context-aware systems. This paper proposes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to assist in developing context-aware applications and utilizes(More)
Normative Acts are important legislative and regulatory documents made by different governmental organs. Every year, a huge amount of information is provided in Normative Acts by these organs without control, i.e., there is no effective way to verify redundancies, inconsistencies, cross-impact and ambiguities. In this paper, we propose a domain ontology for(More)
OntoUML and OWL are ontology languages appropriated to different knowledge representation levels. In order to have better knowledge representation and reasoning capabilities in OWL ontologies, an Ontology Engineering should be used – which corresponds to the transformation of a conceptual model ontology language, such as OntoUML, to a computational ontology(More)