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This paper describes our methods for repairing and restoring images of hidden paintings (paintings that have been painted over and are now covered by a new surface painting) that have been obtained via noninvasive X-ray fluorescence imaging of their canvases. This recently developed imaging technique measures the concentrations of various chemical elements(More)
This paper describes our work on the problem of reconstructing the original visual appearance of underpaintings (paintings that have been painted over and are now covered by a new surface painting) from noninvasive X-ray fluorescence imaging data of their canvases. This recently-developed imaging technique yields data revealing the concentrations of various(More)
Web based learning systems provides huge volume of educational content to learners. However, a single learner might not be interested in learning all the contents delivered. To encourage learners of varying skill sets and to develop learning interests web recommendation system is needed for web based learning. This paper focuses on providing recommendations(More)
BACKGROUND The basic premise of preadjusted bracket system is accurate bracket positioning. It is widely recognized that accurate bracket placement is of critical importance in the efficient application of biomechanics and in realizing the full potential of a preadjusted edgewise appliance. AIM The purpose of this study was to design a calibrating system(More)
the transformation of 2D-DCT is applied in video compression technique with 14 additions for area and power compaction. The proposed structure could be implemented in 4, 8, 16, 32 bit size. The proposed 2D-DCT system is used to reduce the complexity of video compression. It results in less area delay and power consumption with “0” and “1” by implementing in(More)
The power of digital images on modern society is unbelievable. As the People become ever more depend on these images for visual communication. But storing images in a secure way has become very convoluted. There are a number of techniques that can be used to verify the authenticity of images. Despite the fact that many image forgery detection techniques are(More)
In Indian economy, agriculture is the prime vocation that avails in the overall development of the country. Tamil Nadu occupies approximately 7% of the nation's population, with 3% of water resources and 4% of land resources at the country level. The crop suitability prediction is of prime importance to enhance the nutritional security to the developing(More)