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Data mining is the task of discovering interesting patterns from large amounts of data. There are many data mining tasks, such as classification, clustering, association rule mining, and sequential pattern mining. Many frequent sequential traversal pattern mining algorithms have been developed which mine the set of frequent subsequences traversal pattern(More)
The study of theory of fuzzy sets was initiated by Zadeh in 1965. Since then many authors have extended and developed the theory of fuzzy sets in the fields of topology and analysis. The notion of fuzzy metric spaces has very important applications in quantum particle physics. As a result many authors have extended the Banach's Contraction Principle to(More)
Fuzzy Mathematics has seen an enormous growth since the introduction of notion of fuzzy sets by Zadeh in 1965. Kramosil and Michalek introduced the notion of fuzzy metric spaces which was later modified by George and Veeramani and others. The notion of intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces was introduced by Park in 2004. Many authors have studied fixed point(More)
This paper presents a comparison of throughputand end-to-end latency of synchronous and asynchronous heterogeneousNoC under uniform and exponential traffic conditionsusing different parameters. The parameters we have chosen areno. of cores, load (traffic) and no. of VCs of a router. Further, sinkbandwidth analysis of synchronous and asynchronous NoC(More)
Now a days data mining technique used in the field of medical diagonise of critical desesis and clinical data. the prediction of mining technique is major issue. For the enhancement of mining technique used various approach such as fuzzy logic, feature optimization and machine learning based classification technique. in this paper proposed RBF model baed(More)
Introduction to Distributed System Design, Google Code University, http://code. google. com/edu/parallel/dsd-tutorial. html#Basics D. Manivannan, R. H. B. Netzer & M. Singhal, "Finding Consistent Global Checkpoints in a Distributed Computation", IEEE Trans. On Parallel & Distributed Systems, Vol. 8, No. 6, pp. 623-627 (June 1997) J. Tsai & S. Kuo,(More)
Data mining is a process of extracting information from a dataset and transform it into understandable structure for further use, also it discovers patterns in large data sets . Data mining has number of important techniques such as preprocessing, classification. Classification is one such technique which is based on supervised learning.. diabetic is a life(More)