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We apply the zero-one integer programming algorithm described in Karmarkar [12] and Karmarkar, Resende and Ramakrishnan [13] to solve randomly generated instances of the satisfiability problem (SAT). The interior point algorithm is briefly reviewed and shown to be easily adapted to solve large instances of SAT. Hundreds of instances of SAT (having from 100(More)
| The Boolean vector function synthesis problem can be stated as follows: Given a truth table with n input variables and m output variables, synthesize a Boolean vector function that describes the table. In this paper we describe a new formulation of the Boolean vector function synthesis problem as a particular type of Satissability Problem. The(More)
This paper discusses a new algorithm for solving the assignment problem. This algorithm, called the Approximate Dual Projective algorithm for assignment (ADP/A), is a variant of the Karmarkar interior point algorithm for LPs, specialized to solve the assignment problem. Computational results are reported on various classes of assignment problems. These(More)
We consider the problem of optimizing a quadratic function subject to integer constraints. This problem is NP-hard in the general case. We present a new polynomial time algorithm for computing bounds on the solutions to such optimization problems. We transform the problem into a problem for minimizing the trace of a matrix subject to positive deeniteness(More)
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