Anil Noronha Antony

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Mitochondrial structure and function are central to cell physiology and are mutually interdependent. Mitochondria represent a primary target of the alcohol-induced tissue injury, particularly in the liver, where the metabolic effects of ethanol are predominant. However, the effect of ethanol on hepatic mitochondrial morphology and dynamics remain to be(More)
Mitochondrial Ca(2+) uptake through the recently discovered Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter (MCU) is controlled by its gatekeeper Mitochondrial Calcium Uptake 1 (MICU1). However, the physiological and pathological role of MICU1 remains unclear. Here we show that MICU1 is vital for adaptation to postnatal life and for tissue repair after injury. MICU1(More)
point crossover, where one crossover point is selected, all data beyond that point in either parent string is swapped. We have proposed two point crossover and external mutation to extend lifetime of WSN. The advantage of more crossover points is that the problem space is searched more thoroughly. Mutation maintains the diversity of populations. The new(More)
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