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— Hybrid systems are heterogenous dynamical systems characterized by interacting continuous and discrete dynamics. Such mathematical models have proved fruitful in a great diversity of engineering applications, including air traffic control, automated manufacturing and chemical process control. The high-profile and safety-critical nature of the application(More)
Perception of multimedia quality, specified by quality-of-service (QoS) metrics, can be used by system designers to optimize customer satisfaction within resource bounds enforced by general-purpose computing platforms. Media losses, rate variations and transient synchronization losses have been suspected to affect human perception of multimedia quality.(More)
1 Statement of problems and results In this paper we investigate and solve the problem classifying the Tur-ing complexity of stable models of finite and recursive predicate logic programs. Gelfond-Lifschitz [7] introduced the concept of a stable model M of a Predicate Logic Program P. Here we show that, up to a recursive 1-1 coding, the set of all stable(More)