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Scratches on old films must be removed since these are more noticeable on higher definition and digital televisions. Wires that suspend actors or cars must be carefully erased during post production of special effects shots. Both of these are time consuming tasks but can be addressed by the following image restoration process: given the locations of noisy(More)
Two fundamental objects in knot theory are the minimal genus surface and the least area surface bounded by a knot in a 3-dimensional manifold. When the knot is embedded in a general 3-manifold, the problems of finding these surfaces were shown to be NP-complete and NP-hard respectively. However, there is evidence that the special case when the ambient(More)
We derive a numerical method for Darcy flow, hence also for Poisson's equation in first order form, based on discrete exterior calculus (DEC). Exterior calculus is a generalization of vector calculus to smooth manifolds and DEC is its discretization on simplicial complexes such as triangle and tetrahedral meshes. We start by rewriting the governing(More)
Finite element exterior calculus (FEEC) has been developed over the past decade as a framework for constructing and analyzing stable and accurate numerical methods for partial differential equations by employing differential complexes. The recent work of Arnold, Falk, and Winther includes a well-developed theory of finite element methods for Hodge–Laplace(More)
While 2D and 3D vector fields are ubiquitous in computational sciences, their use in graphics is often limited to regular grids, where computations are easily handled through finite-difference methods. In this paper, we propose a set of simple and accurate tools for the analysis of 3D discrete vector fields on arbitrary tetrahedral grids. We introduce a(More)
In this paper we provide an extension of barycentric coordinates from simplices to arbitrary convex sets. Barycentric coordinates over convex 2D polygons have found numerous applications in various fields as it allows smooth interpolation of data located on vertices. However, no explicit formulation valid for arbitrary convex polytopes has been proposed to(More)
This article describes the algorithms, features, and implementation of PyDEC, a Python library for computations related to the discretization of exterior calculus. PyDEC facilitates inquiry into both physical problems on manifolds as well as purely topological problems on abstract complexes. We describe efficient algorithms for constructing the operators(More)