Anil M. Murching

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The description of the spatial characteristics of twoand three-dimensional objects, in the framework of MPEG-7, is considered. The shape of an object is one of its fundamental properties, and this paper describes an e$cient way to represent the coarse shape, scale and composition properties of an object. This representation is invariant to resolution,(More)
Conventional coding of digital color images is done in a luminance-chrominance domain, and the chrominance components are subsampled in a xed ratio with respect to the luminance. In this paper, we propose an adaptive method of subsampling the chrominance components that improves the quality vs. sample rate trade-oo. In applications such as compositing color(More)
New methods for the subsampling of color images are presented. A block-based orthogonalizing transform is used to represent the RGB image in an eecient domain. This transformation ooers substantial advantages when preceded by a segmentation of the image based on chrominance content. An adaptive scheme, based on a threshold test on the local variance, is(More)
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