Anil Kumar Tomar

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Epididymal proteins represent the factors necessary for maturation of sperm and play a crucial role in sperm maturation. HE-4, an epididymal protein, is a member of whey acidic protein four-disulfide core (WFDC) family with no known function. A WFDC protein has a conserved WFDC domain of 50 amino acids with eight conserved cystine residue. HE-4 is a 124(More)
Glycoproteins have immense clinical importance and comparative glycoproteomics has become a powerful tool for biomarker discovery and disease diagnosis. Seminal plasma glycoproteins participate in fertility related processes including sperm-egg recognition, modulation of capacitation and acrosome reaction inhibition. Affinity chromatography using broad(More)
Human seminal plasma contains a large array of proteins of clinical importance which are essentially needed to maintain the reproductive physiology of spermatozoa and for successful fertilization. Thus, isolation and identification of seminal plasma proteins is of paramount significance for their biophysical characterization and functional analysis in(More)
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