Anil Kumar Tirumala Ravi Kumar

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CONTEXT Sepsis is a serious health problem in the elderly with a high degree of mortality. There is very limited data available in elderly subjects regarding the markers for sepsis. Development of good markers will help in overall management and prediction of sepsis. OBJECTIVES Serial estimation of Interleukin-6 (IL-6) and Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha(More)
OBJECTIVE The placement of indwelling ureteral catheters during colorectal surgery has been recommended for prevention of ureteral injuries. With the advent of laparoscopic colectomy (LCo), the role of preoperative placement of lighted ureteral stents (LUS) has also become commonplace. We sought to evaluate the value of lighted ureteral stent placement in(More)
Acute gastric dilatation can have multiple etiologies which may lead to ischemia of the stomach. Without proper timely diagnosis and treatment, potentially fatal events such as gastric perforation, haemorrhage, and other serious complications can occur. Here we present a 36-year-old man who came to the casualty with pain abdomen and distension for 2 days.(More)
Elevated fractures of skull in pediatric age group are rarely reported in the literature. In view of rarity, we present a series of five cases of elevated skull fracture in pediatric age group. Over a period of 1-year, we operated on five such cases. In this article, we have discussed the mode, mechanism and extent of injury, its clinico-radiological(More)
Spontaneously resolving depressed skull fractures have been previously reported in the pediatric age group, however they are very rare in adolescents. We report a case of spontaneously elevating depressed fracture in a 13 year old boy. Depressed skull fractures in this age group might resolve on its own but may also complicate during its course of(More)
Retro-bulbar hydatid cysts are extremely uncommon, while nonorbital forms are frequently encountered disease in underdeveloped countries. Most of these are situated in the superolateral and superomedial angle of the orbit. We report a case of recurrent primary hydatid cysts of the orbit, situated in different locations in the orbit. A 35-year-old female(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the safety and efficacy of early rehabilitation after surgery program (ERAS) in patients undergoing laparoscopic assisted total gastrectomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a study where 47 patients who are undergoing lap assisted total gastrectomy are selected. Twenty-two (n = 22) patients received enhanced recovery programme (ERAS)(More)
INTRODUCTION The 'Rendezvous' technique consists of laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) standards with intra-operative cholangiography followed by endoscopic sphincterotomy. The sphincterotome is driven across the papilla through a guidewire inserted by the transcystic route. In this study, we intended to compare the two methods in a prospective randomised(More)
Intussusception is a common cause of intestinal obstruction and colicky abdominal pain in the children, particularly infants, the commonest being the ileocolic variety with colocolic variety being a very rare entity. We present a case of colocolic intussusception in a 13-year-old boy which is otherwise seen in adults, precipitated by colonic malignancies.(More)