Anil Kumar Sharma

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This paper conducts a comprehensive review of the literature published between 1989 and 2015 on infrastructure and related issues. The articles are classified and presented on the basis of publication source, publication year, country of origin, research methodology and focus area. The review reveals that most of the articles on infrastructure and related(More)
In this era of technology when everything is available at just one click; Security is a big issue. Hackers and intruders are getting smarter. There are various methods to protect the network infrastructure as well as communication over the internet, for example firewalls, virtual private networks and encryption. Intrusion detection is comparatively(More)
In traditional handling of medical records, the patient information and his/her test reports are kept in different tables or databases or locations. But this type of data management is vulnerable to human oriented errors. For example, transfer of wrong report to a patient may prove fatal to his/her health or even his/her life. To avoid this, we suggest(More)
This research paper has the use of artificial neural networks for life time milk amount prediction in dairy cows. The study is based on back propagation neural network which has trained and tested based on dataset provided. In modelling the artificial neural networks based predictive model, two-hidden layer network has been constructed. Suitable milk amount(More)
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