Anil Kr. Upadhyay

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A simulation is an attempt to model a system in order to study it scientifically. Simulations are the most popular tool for examine peer-to-peer (P2P) applications. The cost of implementation of simulated model is less than that of large-scale experiments and, if carefully constructed, the simulated model can be more realistic than any tractable(More)
In peer to peer (P2P) systems agent based load balancing is one of the most important problem. P2P systems are characterized by decentralization, scalability and dynamicity, such that they can been seen as instances of complex adaptive systems (CAS). In this paper we present ant-based load balancing algorithm, which effectively balances loads of peers(More)
Load balancing algorithms goal is to keep all nodes normally loaded through migration of modules from heavy loaded nodes to lightly loaded nodes. In addition, load balancing must involve low communication overhead and respond quickly to load imbalance in the system. In previous load balancing algorithms, classification of node as heavy, light or normal(More)
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