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Think Globally and Act Locally. Globalization, once the domain for only large companies, is now presenting new markets for the growth of small to mid market companies. ERP can be the road to prosperity for SMEs if one can select steps to implement Lean Six Sigma approach carefully to make the organization proficient and profitable. Besides the analysis of(More)
Getting Lean is pragmatic and all about continuous development. In cut throat world of international business scenario where small and medium companies implementing ERP, improvement becomes a condition of survival not something they do when they get time. In most business, the root causes today are the same ones that existed two weeks ago and are the same(More)
Security is a vexing, costly and complicated business. A single lapse can be expensive in lost funds, records and reputation. The NTRU algorithm can be used in a variety of applications which involve security across a network. In this research paper, we introduce the general structure of NTRU cryptosystem, its performance analysis and some enhancements of(More)
Knowledge extraction from semi-structured or unstructured documents and texts can be handled by various approaches and viewpoints, including theoretical or mathematical constructions and matrix algebra applications to various ontologies and implementation techniques.
This work presents the rigorous formulation of input referred offset voltage for differential amplifier, having the input pair devices in subthreshold region of operation. The formulation has been verified in 0.35 μm and 0.18 μm CMOS technologies by using Monte Carlo Simulation. Minimization of 1/f noise is the additional advantage of this(More)
In the present era, an important mantra followed at workplace is - `Communication, Communication, Communication.' Effective communication holds the key to improved decision making, improved working and progress. Last few decades have been witness to spread and growth of information & communication technologies (ICTs) including mobile technologies across(More)
Following two amendments were also put to vote and the results are in favour, as detailed below, 1) Under CSI Constitution and Byelaws: a) Addition Under Section 4.3.3 (b) Finance Committee of CSI Constitution and Byelaws which reads as: v) in prescribing the manner of maintaining centralised accounts as required for consolidation on a monthly/annual basis(More)
In this paper, we present VLSI architecture of Pairwise Linear Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier for multi-classification on FPGA. The objective of this work is to facilitate real time classification of the facial expressions into three categories: neutral, happy and pain, which could be used in a typical patient monitoring system. Thus, the challenge(More)
In today's world of automation, real time face detection with high performance is becoming necessary for a wide number of computer vision and image processing applications. Existing software based system for face detection uses the state of the art Viola and Jones face detection framework. This detector makes use of image scaling approach to detect faces of(More)