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Recent years have brought growing recognition of the need for clinical criteria for myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), which is also called chronic fatigue syndrome to culminate the review process and establish consensus for a clinical working case definition, diagnostic protocols and treatment protocols. We present a systematic clinical working case(More)
The problems in infected nonunion include multiple sinuses, osteomyelitis, bone and soft tissue loss, osteopenia, adjacent joint stiffness, complex deformities, limb-length inequalities, and multidrug-resistant polybacterial infection. Bone gap and active infection are the crucial factors relating to treatment and prognosis. Gaps larger than 4 cm likely(More)
A new CMOS microprocessor, the Alpha 21164, reaches 1,200 mips/600 MFLOPS (peak performance). This new implementation of the Alpha architecture achieves SPECint92/SPECfp92 performance of 345/505 (estimated). At these performance levels, the Alpha 21164 has delivered the highest performance of any commercially available microprocessor in the world as of(More)
A 300-MHz, custom 64-bit VLSI, second-generation Alpha CPU chip has been developed. The chip was designed in a 0.5-um CMOS technology using four levels of metal. The die size is 16.5 mm by 18.1 mm, contains 9.3 million transistors, operates at 3.3 V, and supports 3.3-V/5.0-V interfaces. Power dissipation is 50 W. It contains an 8-KB instruction cache; an(More)
We analyzed 124 papers published in the English language literature to define the indications and timing of surgery in spinal TB and to evaluate the outcome of various surgical procedures for kyphosis and neural outcome. Surgery in spinal tuberculosis is indicated for diagnostic dilemma, neural complications, and prevention of kyphosis progression. Up to(More)
Spinal tuberculosis (TB) produces neurological complications and grotesque spinal deformity, which in children increases even with treatment and after achieving healing. Long-standing, severe deformity leads to painful costo-pelvic impingement, respiratory distress, risk of developing late-onset paraplegia and consequent reduction in quality and longevity(More)
The study was undertaken to establish the normal foot bimalleolar (FBM) angle in Indian infants and to correlate it with the severity of deformity and results of treatment in congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV). Foot tracings with the level of both the malleoli of 182 feet (91 normal Indian infants) were taken. The anteromedial angle between the long axis(More)
OBJECTIVES The present study was designed to (a) evaluate and compare plasma ammonia levels (PAL) in patients with acute liver failure (ALF) and chronic liver disease (CLD) with or without hepatic encephalopathy (HE); (b) correlate the severity of HE with PAL; and (c) correlate PAL with clinical features of raised intracranial tension in ALF. DESIGN AND(More)
Currently, there are limited therapeutic options against bone metastatic prostate cancer (PCA), which is primarily responsible for high mortality and morbidity in PCA patients. Enhanced osteoclastogenesis is an essential feature associated with metastatic PCA in the bone microenvironment. Silibinin, an effective chemopreventive agent, is in phase II(More)
  • A K Jain
  • 2010
The dismal outcome of tuberculosis of the spine in the pre-antibiotic era has improved significantly because of the use of potent antitubercular drugs, modern diagnostic aids and advances in surgical management. MRI allows the diagnosis of a tuberculous lesion, with a sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 88%, well before deformity develops. Neurological(More)