Anil K. Ahlawat

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In this paper, a new method for offline handwriting recognition is presented. A robust algorithm for handwriting segmentation has been described here with the help of which individual characters can be segmented from a word selected from a paragraph of handwritten text image which is given as input to the module. Then each of the segmented characters are(More)
In this paper a novel method for an application of digital image processing, Edge Detection is developed. The contemporary Fuzzy logic, a key concept of artificial intelligence helps to implement the fuzzy relative pixel value algorithms and helps to find and highlight all the edges associated with an image by checking the relative pixel values and thus(More)
1 In a conventional SOM, it is of utmost importance that a certain and consistently decreasing learning rate function be chosen. Decrease the learning rate too fast, the map will not get converged and the performance of the SOM may take a steep fall, and if too slow, the procedure would take a large amount of time to get carried out. For overcoming this(More)
" Hindi " the national language of India (written in Devanagri script) is world " s third most popular language after Chinese and English Hindi handwritten character recognition has got lot of application in different fields like postal address reading, cheque reading electronically. Recognition of handwritten Hindi characters by computer machine is(More)
Currently, wireless data broadcasting is a very popular data dissemination method for broadcasting public information to a large number of mobile devices at the same time. Access Latency and Tuning Time are the two main parameters to evaluate the performance of a indexing technique of data broadcasting system. Indexing can significantly reduce tuning time(More)
Mobile device has limited battery power, the minimization of the access time and tuning time for the broadcast data is an important problem. There have been many research efforts that focus on minimizing access time and tuning time by providing indexes on the broadcast data. This paper proposes two level energy efficient signatures indexing techniques over(More)
Handwriting identification has become a major area for research these days. It refers to the ability of the computer to receive the image of the handwritten character from sources such as paper documents, touch screens, etc and compare it with an existing database. Handwriting and hand-printing analysis is applied to many types of investigation: fraud,(More)
In this paper, the extended Karnaugh Map representation (EKMR) scheme has been proposed as an alternative to the traditional matrix representation (TMR) which caused the multi-dimensional array operation to be inefficient when extended to dimensions higher than two. Multi-dimensional arrays are widely used in a lot of scientific studies but still some(More)