Anil K. Agrawal

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Many theoretical and experimental models indicate that androgen receptors can play an important role as prognostic factors in breast cancer. The aim of this study was to evaluate the correlations between the presence of androgen receptors on cancer cells and other selected prognostic and predictive factors with established clinical significance in women(More)
Fournier's gangrene is a necrotizing, life-threatening fasciitis of the perineal, genital and perianal region which can spread to the abdominal wall, causing soft-tissue necrosis and sepsis. It is usually a polymicrobial infection. The prevalence of the disease is low, but the mortality rate remains high. Several urogenital and anorectal diseases, as well(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors investigated the relation between presyncope and syncope induced by tilt testing (HUTT) and demographics, medical history and HUTT data.The demographics, syncopal burden, data regarding the spontaneous syncope and reproduction of symptoms during HUTT were compared among patients with induced syncope and presyncope. The study group(More)
The aim of our study was to evaluate the correlation between clinical characteristics, histopatologic features and c-erbB-2 as well as p53 expression in cancer tissues. Breast cancer tissue was obtained from 184 female subjects with primary breast cancer. According to hormonal status patients were divided into two groups - 64 belonged to the premenopausal(More)
The prognosis in patients with pancreatic cancer is poor and some authors describe it as a lethal disease. At the time of diagnosis only 14% of patients could be surgically treated and up to 30% of them die within 12 months. Therefore, further clinical investigations on preoperative patient qualification are needed. A total of 81 patients were included into(More)
It is not known whether in patients with breast cancer the occurrence of elevated serum tumour markers depends on its histological type. The aim of the study was to assess relationship between breast cancer histological type and the presence of increased serum levels of CEA and CA 15-3. The study population was 428 patients (all women, mean age 52.5 years),(More)
BACKGROUND Surgeons and nurses are exposed to orthostatic stress. AIMS To assess the lifetime incidence of syncopal and presyncopal events during surgery in operation room staff and reveal the predicting factors. METHODS AND RESULTS The study included 317 subjects (161 F, 156 M) aged 43.9 ± 9.6; 216 surgeons and 101 instrumenters. The study included(More)
A stacked notched rectangular microstrip patch antenna for WLAN applications has been presented in this paper. The desired band is obtained by tuning the dimensions of notches and size of the stacked driven and parasitic patches. The same aspect ratio is maintained for both the patches and their respective notches. The bandwidth and gain of this antenna is(More)