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The Schwann cells in urinary bladder biopsies from multiple sclerosis patients and controls were examined by immunocytochemistry with an antiserum to S-100. S-100 immunoreactivity was found to be markedly increased in these tissues as compared with the controls, indicating a Schwann cell hyperplasia in the urinary bladder in multiple sclerosis. This finding(More)
News sentiment has been empirically observed to have impact on financial market returns. In this study, we investigate firm-specific news from the Thomson Reuters News Analytics data from 2003 to 2014 and propose an optimal trading strategy based on a sentiment shock score and a sentiment trend score which measure extreme positive and negative sentiment(More)
The present work introduces a parallel algorithm for the spectral element method with nonconforming mesh connguration. The solution of the two-dimensional Poisson equation is implemented on the IN-TEL Paragon. Decomposition of the computational domain is performed on an elemental basis, where computational load balance is achieved by mapping a single(More)
award winning session A460<lb>Pre-hospital emergency anaesthesia in awake hypotensive trauma<lb>patients: life saving or detrimental?<lb>K. Crewdson, M. Rehn, A. Weaver, K. Brohi, D. Lockey London's Air Ambulance, Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine, London, UK<lb>Correspondence: K. Crewdson London's Air Ambulance, Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine, London,(More)
Application results are described of a new parallel Navier-Stokes solver developed by Nektonics Inc. for NASA. The 3D unsteady code is based on the spectral-element method which combines the geometric exibility of nite-element methods and the high accuracy of spectral methods. The dis-cretization methodology, parallelization technique and performance(More)
Title of dissertation: FAST SOLVERS FOR MODELS OF FLUID FLOW WITH SPECTRAL ELEMENTS P. Aaron Lott, Doctor of Philosophy, 2008 Dissertation directed by: Professor Howard Elman Department of Computer Science Institute for Advanced Computer Studies & Associate Research Professor Anil Deane Institute for Physical Sciences and Technology We introduce a(More)
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