Aniket Thite

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In a previous study of a naproxen dyad in a pair of N-methylimidazoliummethyl menthylether-NTf(2) chiral ionic liquids (J. Phys. Chem. B 2008, 112, 7555), we observed that though intramolecular electron transfer was impeded, a consistent small stereodifferentiation in the fluorescence lifetime of the dyad was obtained. We proposed that this discrimination(More)
The synthesis and decolorization of chiral room-temperature ionic liquids based upon 1-methyl imidazole and chloromethyl menthyl ether is reported. The excellent optical quality of these solvents permits the investigation of the effects of the two enantiomers on the excited-state photophysics of (S)-N-methyl-2-pyrrolidinemethyl(More)
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