Aniket Tavare

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The mammalian neocortex consists of six layers. By contrast, the reptilian and avian cortices have only three, which are believed to be equivalent to layers I, V and VI of mammals. In mammals, the majority of cortical cell proliferation occurs in the ventricular and subventricular zones, but there are a small number of scattered individual divisions(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE It is important that a surgical list is planned to utilise as much of the scheduled time as possible while not over-running, because this can lead to cancellation of operations. We wished to assess whether, theoretically, the known duration of individual operations could be used quantitatively to predict the likely duration of the(More)
Isolated radial styloid fractures occur relatively infrequently, with non-union of such fractures, especially when undisplaced, being highly unusual. Smoking of tobacco, a common habit which is decreasing in prevalence in the developed world, has been proven to exert many adverse effects on tissue healing including bone union. We present a case of non-union(More)