Anika Jahnke

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Thirty-two patients with clinical suspicion of shoulder instability were the subject of this assessment of MRI (1.5 T G. E. Signa) and its comparison with CT-arthrography (GE8800 and GE9800) of the shoulder. Twenty-seven patients had a final diagnosis established by arthroscopy and five by arthrotomy. The imaging examinations were interpreted independently(More)
Despite aggressive pre- or postoperative treatment, feline fibrosarcomas have high recurrence rates. Immunostimulatory gene therapy is a promising approach in veterinary oncology. This phase I dose-escalation study was performed to determine toxicity and feasibility of gene therapy with feline granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (feGM-CSF) in(More)
Several recent developments in linear accelerator-based radiation therapy (RT) such as fast multileaf collimators, accelerated intensity modulation paradigms like volumeric modulated arc therapy and flattening filter-free (FFF) high-dose-rate therapy have dramatically shortened the duration of treatment fractions. Deliverable photon dose distributions have(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We developed a simple and robust total body irradiation (TBI) method for standard treatment rooms that obviates the need for patient translation devices. METHODS AND MATERIALS Two generic arcs with rectangular segments for a patient thickness of 16 and 20 cm (arc16/arc20) were generated. An analytical fit was performed to determine(More)
Sixty-six brachial plexus palsies in 64 patients were retrospectively reviewed at the San Francisco Unit of the Shriners Hospital system in a 15-year period from 1973 to 1988. All patients were referred with persistent brachial plexus palsies caused by birth trauma. The distribution of palsies at birth included 34 upper palsies, three lower palsies, and 29(More)
Understanding the normal anatomy of the shoulder and its variations is important for the proper interpretation of MR images. This study was performed to describe variations in the normal labral-capsular complex as seen on MR images. MR images of 52 shoulders in 30 asymptomatic volunteers and 27 shoulders of symptomatic patients who had subsequent(More)
BACKGROUND Intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) using the INTRABEAM(®) system promises a flexible use regarding radiation protection compared to other approaches such as electron treatment or HDR brachytherapy with (192)Ir or (60)Co. In this study we compared dose rate measurements of breast- and Kypho-IORT with C-arm fluoroscopy which is needed to estimate(More)
Twenty-five patients with shoulder instability or shoulder pain of undetermined etiology were prospectively evaluated with magnetic resonance imaging and computerized arthrotomography. Actual lesions were determined by arthroscopy or at the time of open surgical repair. The images obtained were interpreted independently by three radiologists blinded to both(More)
Eighty patients with unstable tibial diaphyseal fractures were treated by closed intramedullary nailing with Ender-type flexible pins. The majority of injuries occurred from falling while snow skiing. Sixty-six fractures were closed and 14 were open. Fifty-eight fractures involved the distal, 21 fractures the middle, and one fracture the proximal one third(More)