Anika Guliani

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Nanoencapsulation of drug/small molecules in nanocarriers (NCs) is a very promising approach for development of nanomedicine. Modern drug encapsulation methods allow efficient loading of drug molecules inside the NCs thereby reducing systemic toxicity associated with drugs. Targeting of NCs can enhance the accumulation of nanonencapsulated drug at the(More)
In this study, three plants Populus alba, Hibiscus arboreus and Lantana camara were explored for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles (SNPs). The effect of reaction temperature and leaf extract (LE) concentration of P. alba, H. arboreus and L. camara was evaluated on the synthesis and size of SNPs. The SNPs were characterised by ultra-violet-visible(More)
Picroliv, a mixture of picroside I and kutkoside isolated from rhizome of Picrorrhiza kurroa has been reported for many pharmaceutical properties such as hepatoprotective, anticholestatic, antioxidant and immune-modulating activity. However, picroliv possessed lesser efficacy due to its poor aqueous solubility and lesser bioavailability. To find solution,(More)
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