Anika Geisler

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We performed bronchial artery embolizations (BAE) using platinum coils with Dacron fibres in 30 consecutive patients with haemoptysis due to bronchial carcinoma. The aim of the study was to compare immediate results of bleeding cessation, recurrence and survival rates with a historical control group of 15 patients with tumorous pulmonary bleeding who were(More)
BACKGROUND Perioperative pain treatment often consist of combinations of non-opioid and opioid analgesics, 'multimodal analgesia', in which gabapentin is currently used. The aim was to document beneficial and harmful effects of perioperative gabapentin treatment. METHODS Randomized clinical trials comparing gabapentin vs. placebo or active placebo in(More)
BACKGROUND The majority of clinical trials regarding post-operative pain treatment focuses on the average analgesic efficacy, rather than on efficacy in individual patients. It has been argued, that in acute pain trials, the underlying distributions are often skewed, which makes the average unfit as the only way to measure efficacy. Consequently,(More)
Interventional pneumology includes both bronchological and vascular methods of diagnosis and therapy, especially in emergency situations such as pulmonary hemorrhage. In massive pulmonary hemorrhage bronchological diagnosis is required to determine the site and extent of bleeding, as well as angiography of bronchial arteries, and of pulmonary arteries.(More)
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