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Mitochondria form a dynamic network that responds to physiological signals and metabolic stresses by altering the balance between fusion and fission. Mitochondrial fusion is orchestrated by conserved GTPases MFN1/2 and OPA1, a process coordinated in yeast by Ugo1, a mitochondrial metabolite carrier family protein. We uncovered a homozygous missense mutation(More)
The French-Canadian variant of Leigh Syndrome (LSFC) is an autosomal recessive oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) disorder caused by a mutation in LRPPRC, coding for a protein involved in the stability of mitochondrially-encoded mRNAs. Low levels of LRPPRC are present in all patient tissues, but result in a disproportionately severe OXPHOS defect in the(More)
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