Anikó Zeöld

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The thyroid hormone plays a fundamental role in the development, growth, and metabolic homeostasis in all vertebrates by affecting the expression of different sets of genes. A group of thioredoxin fold-containing selenoproteins known as deiodinases control thyroid hormone action by activating or inactivating the precursor molecule thyroxine that is secreted(More)
Dysfunction of plectin, a 500-kD cytolinker protein, leads to skin blistering and muscular dystrophy. Using conditional gene targeting in mice, we show that plectin deficiency results in progressive degenerative alterations in striated muscle, including aggregation and partial loss of intermediate filament (IF) networks, detachment of the contractile(More)
Plectin, a cytolinker protein greater than 500 kDa in size, has an important role as a mechanical stabiliser of cells. It interlinks the various cytoskeletal filament systems and anchors intermediate filaments to peripheral junctional complexes. In addition, there is increasing evidence that plectin acts as a scaffolding platform that controls the spatial(More)
Plectin, a versatile 500-kDa cytolinker protein, is essential for muscle fiber integrity and function. The most common disease caused by mutations in the human plectin gene, epidermolysis bullosa simplex with muscular dystrophy (EBS-MD), is characterized by severe skin blistering and progressive muscular dystrophy. Besides displaying pathological(More)
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