Anikó Simon

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The flexible ligand docking problem is divided into two subproblems: pose/conformation search and scoring function. For successful virtual screening the search algorithm must be fast and able to find the optimal binding pose and conformation of the ligand. Statistical analysis of experimental data of bound ligand conformations is presented with conclusions(More)
Virtual Ligand Screening (VLS) has become an integral part of the drug design process for many pharmaceutical companies. In protein structure based VLS the aim is to find a ligand that has a high binding affinity to the target receptor whose 3D structure is known. This review will describe the docking tool eHiTS. eHiTS is an exhaustive and systematic(More)
Route Designer, version 1.0, is a new retrosynthetic analysis package that generates complete synthetic routes for target molecules starting from readily available starting materials. Rules describing retrosynthetic transformations are automatically generated from reaction databases, which ensure that the rules can be easily updated to reflect the latest(More)
We present three complementary approaches for score-tuning that improve docking performance in pose prediction, virtual screening and binding affinity assessment. The methodology utilizes experimental data to customize the scoring function for the system of interest considering the specific docking scenario. The tuning approach, which has been implemented(More)
Virtual Ligand Screening (VLS) has become an integral part of the drug discovery process for many pharmaceutical companies. Ligand similarity searches provide a very powerful method of screening large databases of ligands to identify possible hits. If these hits belong to new chemotypes the method is deemed even more successful. eHiTS LASSO uses a new(More)
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